Stuart received a Master of Social Science Degree in Psychology, which he obtained through Rhodes University. He graduated with a distinction in 2011 and since then has been involved in the Wellbeing, Sport and Performance Psychology industry.

His Masters research was structured around the Development, Implementation and Analysis of Mental Toughness Performance Training and Conditioning Programs for Young Athletes.

Stuart founded Headstrong in March 2012 and since its conception has worked with an array of different clients including individuals, teams, amateur athletes, professional athletes as well as a number of different institutions, academies and organization across a multitude of different sports. He is now the Managing Director of Headstrong and works alongside clients as a Sport and Performance Psychology Expert.

Stuarts’ experience as a specialist within sport extends through to Provincial levels as well as on an International level. Subsequent to this, Stuart has also been involved in the Health and Wellbeing industry offering a variety of health and wellbeing related certifications and services to clients as well as operating in the Corporate Health and Wellbeing sector.

Stuart joined Sinnet International Tennis Academy team in working with and developing top National Junior players.