Fayaadh is a thorough-bred Cape Townian who has spent most of his life enjoying sports in all forms. His combined love for sport and a keen interest in the human body led him into the field of Sport Science during his tertiary education which he completed at The University of Stellenbosch in 2008.

In order to further nurture his passion for understanding how the human body works, specifically in the fields of human movement and sport, Fayaadh completed his honours degree in Biokinetics at The University of Stellenbosch in 2009 where he also worked in the Stellenbosch Biokinetics Centre, thus giving him an early start into the real-world experiences of a fully-fledged Biokinetics Practice.

He then went on to work at The Sport Science Institute of South Africa (Newlands) in 2010, where he completed his compulsory internship under the guidance and training of the most experienced and successful Sport Scientists and Biokineticists in the country.

In 2011, now a fully qualified health professional registered with the HPCSA, Fayaadh joined Sinnet International Tennis Academy (Cape Town) as the academy Biokineticist. He has since studied the sport (tennis) in great detail and specializes in implementing all of the important aspects of the game into the players training i.e. periodization (training schedule), movement analysis, injury prevention and individualized strength & conditioning.

He has worked with nationally and internationally ranked juniors, Davis Cup players as well as professional players ranked in the top 100 of the ATP Tour. He is Raven Klaasen’s (Ranked Top10 in ATP Doubles) personal Biokineticist and works closely on all aspects of his physical training.

Fayaadh waas the official trainer for the South African Davis Cup Team in 2015 and also toured to numerous ATP and Grandslam Events in the last few years.

He now runs the Strength & Conditioning program at the academy, which entails group lessons as part of the afternoon group performance session, as well as individual fitness assessments and strength & conditioning sessions with all academy members. Furthermore he also offers final phase orthopaedic rehabilitation for all injuries, as well as numerous recovery methodologies including sports massage and sports strapping.

As a member of the siNNeT team, he works in unison with the coaches at the academy, ensuring that all athletes have a comprehensive training schedule in order to maximise their potential.