College Planning and Placement

Procedure for Scholarships:


We strive to assist our players and other players to further their tennis careers through competing on a very high level and at the same time receiving a university degree.

The USA University /College structure allows tennis players to achieve these goals.

Sinnet ITA Director and Staff have a great understanding in all aspects of College Tennis in the USA. We are very familiar with the NCAA rules and regulations and connected with more than 100 universities.

Sinnet ITA Director, Stephan de Kock has coached numerous players and assisted them in obtaining a scholarship in the USA College system.

To name a few:

Kelvin de Wet 2006 Samford University
Renaldo Domoney 2007 University of Portland, Murray State University
Nicole Smith 2007 Louisiana State University, LSU Baton Rouge
Jody Claasens 2010 William Carry University, Transferring to:
Letha Gaigher 2010 University of Louisiana at Monroe
Kevin Klaasen 2011/12 Scholarship offer Bethel University
MC Visser 2011/12 William Carry University, Transferring To:
Mikayla Morkel Brink 2012/13 2012/13    Scholarship at the Univ. of San Diego
Jason Mechali 2012/13 2012/13    Scholarship at the Oral Roberts Univ. Oklahoma


Procedure step by step:


Compile Resume
(Compiling a DVD of the player if necessary)
Step2. Subjects for Univ. in USA
Step3. Starting the process to choose Univ. in USA that fits in your profile as Individual and to your Standard
Step4. Registering to write the SAT’s and other enrolments
Step5. Medical Details
Step6. Rules and Regulation / Eligibility

At this stage a player has already received a scholarship and is waiting upon his letter of Intent from the respective University.

Receiving all relevant Information
Step8. Visa info / Embassy

Travel Arrangements
Living the Tennis dream in the USA


Administration and Fees:

1. Full Scholarship Fee R10 000.00
(Deposit of R2500.00 to Start process)

2. Assisting with Scholarship R 4 000.00
(Deposit of R1000 to Start)