Player/Parent Responsibility

Academy Staff Responsibilities:

  1. Coaches being on time and professional.
  2. Coaches will have well prepared sessions working to a common goal with player.
  3. If a Coach miss a session due to falling ill , it will be the coaches responsibility to catch the session up.
  4. The academy will have tournament and tour information available for all players to attend.


Player Responsibilities:

  1. Players being on time for training sessions
  2. Players being prepared with:
    - Enough rackets , restrung- Water bottle
    - Tennis Bag with all necessary equipment in tennis bag
    - Track suite and other clothing
  3. If a player do not attend a session they need to notify the academy coaches or the office.
  4. Players attitude and energy at each session is of utmost importance.


Parent Responsibilities:

  1. Paying account with in the first 7 days of each month.
  2. Make up lessons will be the obligation of parents and players to arrange.
  3. Players have a 9 month set package that will be billed over 12 Months.
  4. Open communication lines with the academy regarding any situations.