Sinnet Conditioning Programme


What It Entails

- Cardiovascular Fitness/Endurance
- Muscle Strength
- Muscle Endurance
- Muscle Flexibility
- Speed
- Agility
- Power
- Reaction Time
- Balance
- Coordination
- Speed Endurance
- Injury Prevention


Why You Need It

The term “Professional” in sport has been defined as “one who has spent a minimum of 10000 (ten thousand) hours practicing/training for their specific sport.” Though this does not account for natural talent; talent on its own is not sufficient to take any athlete to elite levels. It is required of all athletes to spend time honing their skills and abilities in order to perfect their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

Without a coach/sports leader, these aspects of an athlete’s game will not be identifiable, and all the talent in the world will not take the athlete to elite levels. Tennis skills, technique and strategy form the basis of one’s abilities on the court, however if one’s body is not able to take the strain of regular practices and intensely challenging tournaments, fatigue will set in and composure will be lost.

Once the body has given up, one can be sure that the opponent will take full advantage of your newly acquired weakness and end the game with an easy win. The danger of this happening extends further than a tarnished reputation or official ranking; the body is more susceptible to injuries when in a state of weakness and/or fatigue, thus the introduction of a planned and regular strength & conditioning program will significantly decrease the risk of injury.

Excerpt from the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport:
(Strength and Conditioning in Tennis: Current Research and Practice. June 2008. Vol. 11, Issue 3, 248:256 )
“Virtually all professional tennis players are in continuous pursuit of enhanced performance. With the modern game becoming increasingly dynamic and tournament schedules no less demanding, the importance of physical fitness is well accepted. Indeed, most professional tennis player’s resource strength and conditioning specialists on a full- or part-time basis.”

In order to be the best, one must work harder and train smarter than the best!

Our Aim

To subject each of our athletes to a standardized fitness assessment that entails a stringent testing protocol. This will be done in order to create a profile/portfolio for each individual player. In doing this, we will be able to quantify the various aspects of their physical abilities, and identify their strengths and possible weaknesses. Following on from this, we will implement the required intervention in order to improve and enhance the performance of each of our athletes, with the end goal of being the BEST!


Biokineticists are registered healthcare professionals governed by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). All Biokinetics work will be undertaken by Fayaadh Dhansay Biokineticist, run by Fayaadh Dhansay, an honours graduate from The University of Stellenbosch, who has completed his Biokinetics internship at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa in 2010.

In short, Biokineticists aim to “Improve quality of life through functional assessment and the prescription of appropriate exercise.” In terms of sporting codes, Biokineticists apply principles of functional training as well as strength & conditioning to the training schedules of sports professionals in order to optimize the physical and physiological attributes required by the athlete for that specific sport. All exercises and training sessions are individualized and will allow for the enhancement of the athletes abilities in all the necessary areas while aiming to prevent potential injuries.

Biokineticists are also involved in the rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries that may have occurred during training/matches or by any other means. The scope of practice extends on to injury prevention methodologies, rehabilitation of special conditions & populations and is supplemented by sports massage, sports strapping, basic first aid and numerous other codes, all of which will be available exclusively to the athletes at Sinnet International Tennis Academy.