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Sinnet ITA, CT

The Sinnet International Tennis Academy was formed in December 2010. The founder’s aim was to create an institute that trained players using the latest scientific methods and kept up-to-date with new trends in the field.

The academy is not built around specific individuals. It will always appoint coaching staff in the various fields that will provide players with optimal exposure and growth in their game on a continuous basis.

The word “Sinnet” can be found in various languages such as Old English, Irish and Danish.

We have formulated our own interpretation

Sinnet - To weave and unite, being bold in victory.



Sinnet ITA has an academy structure with branches in Africa and North America, with a new branch opening soon in Europe. They all share the same name and vision.

Current Branches:

Africa: Cape Town, South Africa – Director: Stephan de Kock

North America: Washington D.C., USA – Director: Rozzell Lightfoot





Our Vision

Our branches in the USA and South Africa will provide players of varying abilities with expert coaching and superb facilities (facilities in progress).

The academy will enable players to travel and compete globally under the same guidance and structures.

Our vision is to train and prepare our young players to tour or play collegiate tennis at the highest level and study at the top universities in the USA.

Our Mission

Coaching each player to his or her optimal potential and improving a player on a constant basis.

Making use of performance coaching and a performance structure as a way to improve a player’s overall on-court performance.

Adopting a holistic approach to players to ensure that they become more efficient individuals in their daily activities outside of tennis.

Assisting players to achieve a healthy life, both mentally and physically